About us

Donna Moda diamond wholesalers as Lupus limited began in 1981 on behalf of and extends to fashion in 1986.

Today, the luxury fashion Moda Donna is well known within the secondary market, and has established a strong reputation as a specialist in high-end clothing for men and women, leather goods, shoes and accessories. Moda Donna said many of the top luxury brands, such as those under the Gucci group.

Moda Donna fashion in the late 80 's to cater to international customers from major Asian countries, including Hong Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan and mainland China retail and distribution mode of operation.

Now in 2012, Moda Donna has migrated from the retail and wholesale of models and client orders on the basis of the work. Moda Donna key clients are mostly from mainland China and Moda Donna in view of the size of orders, eliminating the need to focus on wholesale business model. Instead, Moda Donna orders selected by the customer their order, managing the relationship between suppliers and clients, arranging delivery of goods to Hong Kong and prepare all necessary documents and enable the necessary banking and financial transactions in order to order.